Top social media entertainment features and their influence in online marketing

How do popular social media applications influence online marketing? 

Very often, social media users come across posts suggesting the netizens to go offline for attaining inner peace. Well, while most of the users may agree with the advice, a majority of them conveniently choose to ignore them because it is simply impossible to ignore the unique benefits of the internet. From purchasing essentials to socializing with your loved ones, the influence of virtual reality is an inexorable fact. The convenience of getting products on the click of a button and the ever-evolving social networks is the way of life, going forward – a fact that social media marketers have taken cognizance and are smartly building strategies on it. In this article, you may find five fantastic social media features that are effectively harnessed by social media marketers to promote their products and services.

Top social media features and their influence in marketing 

2020 might have been the worst year for humanity, but ironically, this has been the best year for the internet-based apps to establish their inevitable existence. With lockdowns and social distancing forcing everyone to stay at home, e-commerce sites, and social media applications were the top entities that made merry. This very much explains the need for an effective online marketing strategy to stride past the emerging competitions. Here is a list of popular features incorporated by social media applications and the multiple ways of how these are used for marketing.

Five essential social media entertainment features for marketing 

Influencers and their exceptional techniques

Attractive advertisements had been the primary promoters of the products for a long time. But with the foray of social media entertainment, more customers are seeking trusted reviews of other customers for the right purchase. Influencers on social media platforms are independent users who inadvertently promote products or services through their blogs or social media accounts, once they are satisfied with the products. The other customers immensely trust their influencers.

Influencer marketing has seen significant progress in the past few years to an extent with leading brands approaching influencers for their product promotions. Major brands such as Burberry, Boss and Ester Lauder have already attributed their marketing success on influencer marketing. Industry statistics reveal that more industries are relying on influencers for marketing, and the influencer-sponsored ads have gone up by 150% in the past year. The usage of ‘# ad’ by the influencers has also been critical for marketing. Recent trends also show that micro-influencers who have 1000 to 100000 followers are dominating the 75% of influencer marketing.

Incorporating AR/ VR features

If you thought virtual reality is only for games or movies, then you are in for more surprise. A significant number of tech-savvy marketers are successfully implementing virtual reality features in their marketing campaign. The level of engagement and entertainment AR/ VR provides is immeasurable. Customers are already making use of the elements in the shopping sites that gives them the amazing experience of virtual trials. The technology is going to stay and promise a remarkable ROI for the investors.

Insta or Facebook ads

Instagram has been the trending social media application in recent years because of their high levels of engagement. Although Facebook owns both the social media platforms, marketers make a considerable investment on Facebook ads, Facebook suggested videos and instream videos more than that on Instagram contents. Market studies reveal that Facebook suggested videos have a good click-through ratio. Personalizing ad experiences has been the driving factor for social media success in recent times.

Embedding e-commerce experiences on Social media

Shopping through e-commerce applications might be the most engaging experience for the online community. What if this feature is included on your favourite social media application? The idea has been already rolled out by Instagram, with the launch of Instagram Shopping that allows the users to explore and purchase products through it. With other subsidiaries of Facebook like Whatsapp, Messenger or Facebook groups offering customers the essential management tools, the customers are sure to have a wholesome shopping experience. The coming years are sure to witness some amazing development in this sector.

The rise of social media video app

The past few years have been a fantastic year for social media entertainment applications like TikTok and the likes, with TikTok leading the download rates amongst the lot. The sharp rise in the popularity of TikTok has been stupendous until politics started making things go awry. The immense admiration for this video app is compelling the company to expand its offices all over the world. The application allows the users to upload their short videos that are utmost engaging and entertaining. Investors have been extensively leveraging this app’s benefits to their stride.

The recent political developments are discouraging for TikTok, but the ban has encouraged the growth of several native video apps. Marketers are waiting their turn to invest in the best app no matter what.

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