The Top Music Streaming Apps You Can Use To Listen To Songs

The Birth Of Music Streaming

Today, we cannot even imagine a time when Walkman was the ‘it’ thing to listen to music. That era passed, and iPods exploded to popularity. Slowly, but undeniably, iPods faded out of use. Smartphones become the go-to option to listen to music, especially with the large amounts of memory available on them.

Then came the era of music streaming apps. It began at a snail’s pace, but it gathered steam fast enough. Today, most people listen to music using a streaming service. And why not? It is one of the best ways to experience music. You can not only listen to it for free but also have access to millions of songs spanning every genre. The fact that music streaming also curbed piracy is just an incidental benefit!

So, if you’re searching for the best music streaming app on Android or iOS, here are the top choices for you.

  • Apple Music

The streaming service by Apple came into the picture around 2015, and it got mixed reviews. Five years later, it almost tops the chart of music streaming apps available to listeners.

Currently, it allows you to stream any song from its 30 million-strong library, listen to radio anytime and any day. It also allows you to upload your own music and enjoy it through your gadget.

There is a free version of Apple Music with limited features. The paid plans offer a variety of features based on which subscription you opt. Lastly, Apple Music does come with a social element. Users can follow their favourite artists!

SoundCloud And YouTube Music

If it’s indie music you love, then SoundCloud should be your choice of streaming services. Popular with creators, they upload their creations on it regularly. The app is available both for free and paid premium, offering stations, playlists and more features. For popular songs, SoundCloud Go is the on-demand service you need.

  • YT Music

Now that Google Play Music is shutting down for good, YT Music will be the go-to app for Android phone. All the features of Google Music are being shifted to YT Music. A user can download and stream music on it for free or buy a premium version.

Although a relatively new streaming service with a barebones structure, YT Music does have an advantage over others. Besides accessing all the songs available on other streaming apps, it also taps in YouTube.

Spotify Is The Clear Winner In Music Streaming

Spotify, hands down, is the most well-known and used music streaming app. From podcasts to tens of millions of songs to radio stations to playlists, Spotify has it all, offering a rock-solid music experience.

Library wise, the only other app that comes close to it is YT Music. But considering the free version of Spotify offers the most features and songs, Spotify comes out as the clear winner. The only drawback is that you have to listen to advertisements on the free version. If you want an ad-free experience where your playlist is not interrupted, then a paid version is what you will need.

That’s it, listeners. Those were four best apps you can pick from to stream music. If they don’t suit your ears, then try TIDAL, Deezer, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio or any of the tens of apps available on Google Store or Apple Store.

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