LED Board Display In Shopping Malls: What They Mean For The Customer And The Brands

LED Sign Boards: An Important Asset In Shopping Malls

The mall culture in Chennai has caught on fast and is here to stay. With the rapid urbanization, the malls have become an intrinsic part of the evolving lifestyle of the people in the city. Malls are huge crowd-pullers, not only for the city-dwellers but also for those from far and near places. Shopping malls drive the consumption culture in their own unique way. The core of their success formula is all about customer experience. The collective ability of the brands and businesses in the malls to pull in the crowds and keep the money flowing is what really matters.

An LED board display is an inimitable feature of every shopping mall that contributes to the customer experience. In a scenario where multi-brand commercial services are vying to hit the spotlight, a huge LED screen becomes the pièce de résistance!

In this article, we explore how and why malls benefit from LED screens that are proving to be exceedingly more effective than other means of advertising.

The Benefit Of Using LED Screens In Malls

#1. An inevitable interior design feature

There is no denying the fact that LED signboards and display boards have the potential to create a huge visual impact. Bespoke, ultra-large LED displays can simply wow the audience and make them want to visit the showroom. LED sign board manufacturers claim that there is an increasing demand for unique installations made from soft and flexible LED panels. These ultra-modern signboards play a huge role in giving the place a touch of sophisticated elegance- a feature that most mall shoppers look forward to.

A Digital LED Display At A Grand Shopping Mall About Westfield - Online Shopping Centre.

#2. Creative advertising and PR

An LED board is the ultimate level in advertising. It is a proven gimmick that never fails. Higher visibility rates, increased customer acquisition and retention, and better brand recognition are some of the guaranteed benefits that LED boards bestow on businesses in malls. A visually appealing advertisement on an LED screen tends to draw more attention, unlike traditional signage that will be forgotten within minutes.

#3. Versatile options

LED sign board manufacturers are constantly developing funky ideas with LED signboards, that seem to be a big hit in shopping malls. Dynamic LED signage like digital chandeliers, electronic posters, interactive LED boards, mesh LED displays, full-colour lamp displays, crescent panels, and full-on colour screens are just a few of the many options that can deck up your commercial mall space.

#4. Digital interaction for shoppers

Interactive LED display boards come in handy in more ways than one.

  • They provide crystal clear information about the mall layout and directions, which is valuable information for the throngs of visitors trying to find their shopping destination in a gargantuan space.
  • Digital mall directories are a boon for mall operators who use them to update tenant and store information in real-time.
  • Shops can display information regarding discounts, seasonal sales and new products.
  • The LED screens can double up as bearers of emergency contact information.
  • Indoor LEDs can effectively promote special workshops, holiday events, promotional events, shopping festivals, and food festivals

#5. LED screens in gaming zones

Gaming zones and LED displays are synonymous with each other. Dynamic LED screens are a ubiquitous sight that can completely transform the gaming area that is guaranteed to lure in hoards of children and adults. Using a Curved LED display can create a compelling hi-tech entrance to the gaming zone.

#6. LED screens in food courts

An Image Of LED Screen Display In Food Court At Shopping Mall.

Apart from avid shoppers, there is a crowd that visits malls specifically to indulge in the multi-cuisine feasts that only food courts in malls can provide. Artistically designed digital menu boards inspire hungry shoppers and increase food sales. Digital menu boards can also be displayed in strategic shopping areas to lure visitors to the food court. Check Out – The Benefits of Having Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions.

LED sign boards: A one-time investment with great ROI

A brand or business in a mall needs to have more than a couple of LED signboards to make things work. From the investor’s perspective, it might look like a big-budget allotment, especially if the business requires big boards and advanced digital technology. But experts in marketing and publicity guarantee exceptional results in terms of brand building, customer experience and customer satisfaction. Malls with LED sign boards in Chennai have a proven track record of generating an impressive ROI, which is the target of every business.

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