6 Movies That Caught Our Attention On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime to the rescue: Breaking the lockdown boredom

If there was one thing that kept the world going during the initial, horrendous phase of the pandemic lockdown, it was the video streaming services. With the entire world restricted behind locked doors streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar and the others were the only succour for people who missed the experience of visiting the theatres.

Amazon Prime threw up some surprises with its rare choice of films. The streaming service released some notable films in May that really helped to kill time. If you’ve been through Amazon’s list of Hollywood movies, you would tick off a vast majority of them that have already been telecast umpteen times on the movie channels. But the following 6 movies came as a fresh breath of air. Each one belonged to a different genre, ranging from charming musical fantasies to serious dramas and wild thrillers.

Our list of top 6 movies that streamed on Amazon Prime

#1. Rocketman

Genre: Musical biopic

Inspired by the legendary singer Sir Elton John’s early career, Rocketman stars Taron Egerton playing the role of the British rock star with an exuberance that will sweep you off your feet. The movie is packed with rhythmic hits and iconic singalongs of the singer that an older generation of the audience is so well-versed with. The viewer is taken through the real-life struggles Elton John faced during his initial days of struggle-from his dull life in the suburbs to grabbing headlines, gold records and becoming insanely rich. Of course, every significant moment is punctuated with one song after the other. Watch it for Taron Egerton’s Oscar-worthy performance and if you are a musical enthusiast. Or you can choose to skip the songs and watch it only for Egerton’s genuine, unforgettable screen presence. Rocketman is still available on Amazon Prime.

#2. The Vast Of Night

Genre: Thriller

The Vast Of Night is a sci-fi period thriller set in the 50s and travels through familiar territory that the X-Files, The Twilight Zone and other such films have already traversed. With that, you would’ve probably guessed what the film deals with. But do not tick it off your list. We suggest you give it a shot because The Vast Of The Night is not about what happens but how it happens. Starring Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz as Fay and Everett, the film revolves around these two characters who stumble upon a mysterious radio frequency that alters their lives. For those of you who love to feel that spine-tingling chill, grab that popcorn and settle down to watch it now!

#3. Escape From Alcatraz

Genre: Prison escape thriller

This 1979 thriller starring Clint Eastwood, stages an impossible, highly thrilling prison escape from Alcatraz, the world’s most notorious prison. Directed by Don Siegel, Escape from Alcatraz is an exciting movie to watch if you are willing to ignore some glaring gaps in realism. But let’s not forget that this movie was inspired by the true event and recreating a true-life event has its limitations- and that too in the late 70s.

#4. Like Crazy

Genre: Romantic drama

Like Crazy is a movie that is apt for those who love to curl up in their sofas and lose themselves in the beautiful, blissful and devastating life of two lovers. Played by Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin, the movie tells the story of a pair of lovers who fall hopelessly in love with each other, until they are separated after her visa expires. It is hard not to be sucked into the whirlwind romance and tender feelings that Jones and Yelchin evoke so effortlessly. Too bad, Like Crazy is no longer streaming on Amazon Prime.

#5. Pathology

Genre: Crime-horror

Pathology is more of a horror-filled erotic thriller starring Alyssa Milano and Milo Ventimiglia. The latter plays a medical intern who stumbles upon a team of colleagues who are involved in a deadly game where one of them tries to commit the perfect murder and the rest of the team try to use their forensic knowledge to ascertain the cause of death. The film is rated R because there is plenty of skin-show and lots of blood. Unfortunately, you cannot find it on Amazon now.

#6. Seberg

Genre: Biopic

Starring Kirsten Stewart, Seberg portrays the life of New Age French actress, Jean Seberg. What many people do not know about Seberg is that she had a political history that was entwined with the FBI, the Black Panthers and the civil rights movement. Kirsten Stewart is a delight to watch. Sporting a blond, pixie haircut, she plays the role of Seberg with grace and fragility.

Watch and enjoy

Rocketman and The Vast Of Night are still streaming on Amazon Prime, although you will have to look for other sources to watch the rest of the films on the list. There are a plethora of TV shows too! Do not miss watching them!

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