Top 10 Popular Shows On Netflix Video Streaming Service

Video Streaming For New Age Entertainment

Video streaming has been gaining popularity ever since its introduction this decade. The recent lockdown and shutdown of theatres saw many movie releases on video streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar. With popular TV shows also made available, video streaming has become a great option for entertainment among the new generation. A monthly or yearly subscription will give you access to a vast amount of content. Netflix is one of the popular streaming services, and we have rounded up top shows on the platform so you don’t waste time searching.

Netflix Shows To Kill Your Time

Marriage Story is Netflix’s Oscar contender of this year. It is a funny yet serious story about a marriage break up directed by Noah Baumbach. A rom-com on a break-up story of two creative and well off people. The story is interesting with sharp and witty moments that take you through a process which brings out the dark side of everyone.

The Irishman is interesting and it is long for one sitting. Martin Scorsese has legitimately done a great job with this most contemplative movie that tells the story of a truck driver, Frank Sheeran. The gritty story takes you through his life journey as he works his way as the head of a mob. Crime, labour, politics and semi-historical storey find it’s way as the story tests the masculinity of the characters.

American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace revolves around a shocking crime that remains national news. The movie spans around the country and leaves several gay men murdered. The story is told in reverse with Versace’s murder the last one in the serial crime thriller. The movie does not show the excess enjoyed during the 90s. But it rather concentrates on the gay culture. The character of the murderer, Cunanan, has been portrayed as one who never gives in to lucidity. The story uses victims as a way to tell how homophobia can manifest and be blind to violence.

Glow is a story that loves all its characters. It is based on real-life women wrestlers. The story revolves around the life of Ruth Wilson, an actor turned wrestler. The story also portrays the lives of other ring mates. It is like short stories of women who made it through tough times to break the rules and become the winners.

When They See Us is another compelling story of a sexual assault. The story portrays a difficult and unpleasant experience of the five who are falsely implicated with the crime so the police department can close the crime and state racial prejudice as the reason.

Shows To Keep You Occupied

The second season of You is on Netflix which is a crime thriller about a woman stalker. Joe Goldberg is a bookseller who can be witty at times as he commits heinous crimes. It is mostly a thriller but also showcases the withering satire of romance. It is a smart story that sharply criticises male entitlement and how society neatly covers up the trash.

The Haunting Of Hill House is a horror show and also an original from Netflix. It is one of the best horror dramas from Netflix. It is a scary and terrific story about a family. The Crain family is haunted by the trauma of when they lost their mother in a manor. The father had hoped to renovate and sell the manor. It is an adaptation of a novel by Shirley Jackson with the same name. An anthology is planned with the next series to be released in 2020 as The Haunting Of Bly Manor which is again an adaptation of The Turn Of The Screw by Henry James.

The Get Down is made in the era of disco and hip hop. The era that doesn’t exist now. It is a popular singular show that was expensive with its strange work of the period. A Bronx fairy tale about street poets in the borough as it burns around and the world conspires to engulf their dreams.

One Day At A Time is an old school meets new school type comedy sitcom. A reboot of an old 70s sitcom, the show portrays the everyday life of a Cuban American Penelope Alvarez who lives with her mother and two kids. It is a classic laugh track with well-matched throwback vibes, cheesy, funny and at times heart-wrenching moments. It is a show one can enjoy.

Better Call Saul is a prequel about the famous lawyer in Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman. In this show, Goodman is Jimmy McGill who has no practice of his own or no criminal accomplice. He is subject to easy cons as he screws up with his sick brother.

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