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Essential social media entertainment tips that can highlight your brand 

As the world is struggling to adjust to the ‘new normal’, the demand for an enhanced online marketing strategy is also at a new high. With a considerable presence of netizens on social media, it indeed is understandable on what is making marketers focus on social media marketing. However, social media can be quite tricky media for marketing, as users often tend to alter their preferences due to the frequent updating and competition in the market. Hence, marketers need to be proactive, faster, creative and adaptable to any change to improve the user engagement. This article is an attempt to find out the emerging trends in social media marketing that are going to stay for a while.

Social marketing trends for 2020 

Fickle social media designs often compel social media marketers to adopt a solid strategy that can transcend any change. While the changes cannot be avoided, marketers’ must find a way out before social media gets better. A keen observation, proactiveness and updated knowledge of the available trends is essential to keep up with the innovations. If you are curious about what would be the trend of social media marketing in the coming year, here is a compiled list of predictions from the top business owners, social media marketers and entrepreneurs that would help you to plan your strategy.

Top social media trends to look out in 2020


YouTube is undoubtedly the best social media entertainment app available now. The popularity of YouTube is attributed to the massive collection of videos, presented on demand of the viewers. Apart from the listless number of videos, the ability to vote or comment, make this app an amazingly engaging social media entertainment.

Video contents have always been effective in luring a considerable audience owing to their smooth message delivery and beautiful visuals- the reason why YouTube is the most searched applications on the internet. Marketers leverage the efficacy of video contents to make instructional videos that can strike a right chord with the viewers. These abilities not only add value to the brand but also enhance the user experience with the brand’s website.

Virtual reality

Augmented and Virtual reality is the future of brand promotion. The increased dependency of the users on technology is compelling the creators to incorporate virtual reality to the applications that can enhance user experience and in turn, improve the brand promotion. A virtual trial room or virtual showrooms can promote user engagement with the brands.

Incorporating eCommerce in social media

After the launch of Instagram Shopping, social media is already tasting the success of eCommerce applications. Since the idea is still in its initial phases, users are yet to witness a boom in this sector. However, the social media engagement of the users and their relentless eCommerce usage is indeed going to make this marketing venture the most coveted marketing technique of the future.

Less automation and more human interaction

Automation has been the keyword for anything related to technology in recent years. The overwhelming engagement of automation has reduced the human element in the interactions, thereby decreasing the engagement with the users. Investors and marketers have emphasized on using engaging contents for brand promotions, and the critical strategy to attain those would be a reduced implementation of automation. Customers can expect more human and interactive posts, going forward. A human element is imperative for brand integrity and enhanced customer trust.

Social media campaigning

Retargeting marketing or feeding the social media posts with brand information, after the user’s website visit is an emerging campaigning method. This method of campaigning is exceptionally useful in converting a potential social media user to a customer, with persistent campaigning. The technique owing to its efficacy and affordability has been a vital tool for marketing for quite a time. But standing out amongst the plethora of targeting campaigns is a challenge intimidating several investors and hence, marketers are pressing the need for improved target campaign contents.

Shifting influencer preferences

Customers are no longer convinced with the paid promotion tactics of the celebrities in the advertisements. What they require is a genuine review about the products and real contents on their news feed- the reason why micro-influencers are taking centre stage in promoting brands.

Sole reliance on social media marketing might be the wrong choice.

There has been a paradigm shift in the user preference from the existent social media apps to no apps. Increased exposure to technology and the associated health risks are convincing many users to shy away from using these apps. This is an awakening call to the marketers who heavily rely upon social media for marketing. Time has come for marketers to look beyond social media entertainment applications to email marketing or search engine marketing.

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