Music Streaming: Marking A Golden Era Of The Music Industry

The Exponential Growth Of Music Streaming

Music streaming marks the age and time of the shifting culture of how people listen to songs. What music streaming has done to the music industry is nothing short of phenomenal. This growing trend has quite effectively pushed the trend of owning music in the form of CDs, DVDs and downloads to a far corner. Music streaming has aggressively made itself the new norm with millions of subscriptions flooding streaming platforms every month.

However, the buzz will fizzle out like it does for every phenomenal trend. Streaming platforms and record labels must seek to diversify and discover innovative ways to keep the demand alive. How they propose to do it is what really matters.

Will 5G Help Streaming?

Most streaming platforms are keeping their fingers crossed for the 5G connectivity speed which will be made available in the US. With the potential to pack a punch with 10 times faster speed than 4G, 5G is expected to make a great impact on music streaming. What else can we expect with 5G?

  • Enhanced live-streaming of music videos, concerts and music awards shows.
  • Shows with Virtual Reality and holograms to attract the crowds.
  • Instant social media updates on live shows.
  • Music streaming with seamless downloads and audio streams.

Promotional apps for artists

As a tactic to garner more users, labels and streaming platforms have introduced apps that are dedicated to promote musicians. Streaming giants like Spotify, UMG and Apple Music have released their own versions of in-house artists analytics apps. How do artists and upcoming musicians benefit from these apps?

  • It provides them with valuable data about their users preferences.
  • Allows social media engagement with platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Gives detailed reports about top-countries, demographics, etc.
  • The app also displays YouTube views and comments.

Should Music Streaming Be Personalized?

Personalization is a perpetual norm that goes for anything and everything because that is how the current consumer prefers things to be. It is no different with music streaming. Fans and avid users expect highly advanced personalization, pushing platforms like Spotify and Apple to test the waters.

Fine-tuned personalization is not a distant dream. With over-the-top technology at an all time best, curating one’s choices in music is not impossible. Streamlined algorithms, AI, curation of collected data and the latest technological innovations are bound to create waves in music streaming. Personalization will only make the user happier and more engaged.

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