Significance Of Culture In A Society

Culture is part and parcel of our day to day life. It can be described as the customs, social behavior and ideas followed by a set of people in a society. Culture is divided by geographical borders. Attributes like food habits, music, arts, social norms, language and religion are unique to a culture. Across the globe there are different cultures and these had to be passed on for generations together. Culture connects one with another and helps build communities inside the similar cultural backgrounds. People inside the same community are likeminded and have likeness in their ancestral values.

The cultural traits are preserved and handed over to the future generation. Culture is an evolutionary identity and helps in maintaining ancestral values. It gives special meaning to your life. It is culture that makes us unique. People from a particular region grow in a particular culture and it helps in creating a bond within the community. It is important to maintain your cultural heritage and it gives a sense of belonging. The cultural heritage brings about unity and helps us live in harmony.

By practicing our culture you can establish the connection with our ancestors, which otherwise would be lost. There is a strong belief that our cultural roots make our lives better. From birth to death our culture is part of our life. Today blending one culture with another has become a fad but in this effort the originality of each culture should not be compromised.

Some of the reasons why culture cannot be compromised include:

  •         Culture provides valuable information on our ancestors. It is more like the pages of history that can be read with interest. Culture is eternal and transcends generations.
  •         While studying the cultural roots and following them, we tend to make our lives better. We can relate to value and origin. It helps to boost our dignity and self respect.
  •         Culture gives you a sneak peek into your evolution. It has originated since time immemorial, since the evolution of civilization. It throws light on the ancient times.
  •         Culture builds values in us. Each culture has laws and rules and it can be used to maintain peace and harmony. Neglecting culture is not a foolish decision to make.
  •         A details study with respect to culture gives us a profound knowledge of our roots. Cultural practices should not be followed blindly. The more we study about culture the knowledgeable we become.  
  •         Culture believes in co-existence. It aims at providing peace by respecting one another.
  •         Culture gives a new meaning to life. It tells us how to act during different phases of life. As we grow old culture shows us the right path to existence and after.
  •         Safeguarding culture and handing it over to the future generation helps to value knowledge and makes survival easier.
  •         Culture makes us responsible human beings. Culture-less human being is equivalent to animals. Culture maketh a society.

Nothing should destroy our culture and it is the responsibility of every human being to uphold it to the best of their efforts.

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