Stunning Architectural Wonders Of Chennai

Heritage Of Chennai
Chennai, the Capital city of Tamil Nadu, is one of the historical places in India. The rich cultural heritage of Chennai is evident from the various magnificent monuments existing in the city. These monuments in Chennai are the major source of attraction for tourists all over the world. There is a huge list of structural design companies in Chennai that play a role in designing the magnificent monuments of the city. The monuments mentioned below are the Architectural wonders in Chennai. Do not miss out to witness these historical monuments when you visit Chennai. highlights the various monuments in Chennai.

Fort St.George-Trading Post Of The British
St.George Fort was officially called as the trading post of the British Government. It was a hub for merchant activity in the past. It served as the origin of the modern Indian army. The building is divided into two sections: St.Mary’s Church and Fort Museum. St.Mary’s Church is one of the oldest Anglican Church built by the British. The tombstones in the graveyard are known for their architectural importance.

The fort holds a stunning structure of Flagstaff which is 150ft fall. It is a wonderful masterpiece. It is made entirely of teakwood. The fort museum contains artefact like coins, medals, Paintings, letters that belong to the colonial period. It houses the Tamil Nadu Government administrative branches and legislative

Free Masons Hall – Gift From The British
The hall was constructed to help the military troops of the foreign power. The hall is based upon the Greek pattern which is evident from the four giant pillars. It is one of the finest buildings of Tamil Nadu. It is easily reachable from any corner of the city. It is a double storey mansion which can accommodate 2000 people at a time. A small lodge room accommodates 60 people which is meant for hosting Masonic meetings. It is constructed based on modern day requirements and Indian climatic conditions.

Government Museum – A Popular Sight-Seeing Spot
Government Museum Chennai is the second oldest museum in South Asia. It comprises of six buildings and 46 galleries. It also encompasses a children museum. A huge museum theatre is one of the most remarkable buildings which is structured in Italianate style and influenced by classic architectural design. The main hall of the museum is huge which can accommodate 600 people. It was built for theatrical performances.

Kamaraj Memorial House-Proof Of Simplicity
The memorial house was built in 1978 to pay homage to Mr.Kamaraj, who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu thrice. The house speaks about the simplicity of the great person Kamaraj. It is a two-floor building which mainly showcases many photographs of the legend. A well-stocked library is also present in the memorial house.

Valluvar Kottam-Historical Monument
The monument was built in memory of the well-known poet Thiruvalluvar. He penned thirukural 2000 years ago. The architectural pattern of the building includes a temple chariot inside which there is a huge stone statue of the saint. It was built by a South Indian Architect. The unique feature of the building is that it stands without the support of the pillars. 1300 verses are engraved in the granite columns of the monument.

Check out these architectural marvels the next time when you visit Chennai.

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