Different Type Of Organizational Culture

There are many types of organizations and each has their own culture. Organizational culture is based on the organization type, policies, principles and values at the work place. There are different cultures; some evolve naturally while others are implements by the company hierarchy. The organizational culture speaks about the workplace ethics and works as a guide to employees.

Need for organizational culture

The workplace culture makes or breaks an organization. Culture can be defined as a sum of different attitudes, beliefs and customs. Organization culture and ethnic culture are no different from one another as it includes people from various backgrounds. Cross cultural associations help to promote a better workplace and community. Moreover, it is the office culture that helps popularize your brand and makes you stand apart from the crowd. It helps to define a set standards and procedures giving your employees a direction to run their daily business. Culture works towards unifying people and teaches them how to survive the race. Companies cannot exist without culture and every company follows one type of culture or another.

Organizational culture and its types

There are two types of models that divide a company and these includes strong and weak culture. In the case of strong culture the employees are empowered and have an understanding of the goals, philosophy and regulations. Here the employees are respected and self driven. It improves the overall health of the company. On the contrary, in a weak culture, the employees are undermotivated, lost and work with fear. Though, fear can be a motivating factor but it does not last for long.

Some of the cultural archetypes include:

  •         Academy culture: In this type of organizational culture, there is dependence on highly skilled and studious employees who believe in continuous training. Here preference is given for onboard and continuous training. The company is strict when it comes to the recruitment process and hire only those who are willing to learn and excel.
  •         Normative culture: This type of culture is based on strict rules and regulation. It is run based on principles and policies. The employees are given no scope to deviate from the subject.
  •         Pragmatic culture: Here the customer is the KING. There are different types of customers or clients, the employee do not follow any strict rules. It is the exact opposite of normative cultural environment. In this type the customer gets what they want.
  •         Club culture: It wants the employees to be highly skilled in their scope of work. Before being hired, their educational qualifications, work experience and personal hobbies are considered. It is most commonly seen in specialty military branches, the FBI and among commercial pilots.
  •         Baseball culture: Here everything is about the employee. The priority is given to the employee and it is the best culture preferred by workers. It is believed that keeping the workers happy can get the work done efficiently.
  •         Fortress culture: This type of culture can be good or bad for the employees. If the company performs well, the employees continue with their job, if there is a downfall, their jobs may be terminated.

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