Reinventing Simple Outdoor Arts

Busy work schedule and fast paced life has left us with no time for Collection of Arts/ outdoor skills. Most of us have forgotten those simple pleasures in life. Here are some ways to relearn those outdoor lost arts.

Building a repair kit: So you have your sleeping bag zipper ripped off? You can send it to the nearest service center and get it repaired. Well, you may have to postpone your outdoor trips till, then or you have an alternative, go ahead and fix it up yourself.

Keeping calm during emergency: You may come across strange situations during your outdoor endeavor and it is advised to keep calm to manage the crisis. Be together as a team and work out ways to come out of the crisis.

Outdoor fun is simple: Once you learn the trick of the trade, even the most valuable skill will be simple. It can give you an opportunity to have fun outside despite the strange circumstances.

Stop selfies and use a hi-tech camera: Invest in a professional camera with manual control and detachable lens. Do not bother about taking selfies on your mobile. It doesn’t matter even if you have the latest version of iPhone. Learn to use the camera for best pictures.

Strangers are no more strangers: During your outdoor journey, you tend to meet lot of people and you will realize within no time that the world is one big family. Your introduction to different people can give an opportunity expand your base.

Find the perfect campsite: Irrespective of whether you are on a picnic at the top of a hill or in your backyard do not forget to find the first legal campsite.

Maps are important: There are places on the earth where internet is unavailable. So you always cannot depend on Google Maps. It is time to take some traditional paper maps to make the most of the outdoors without getting lost. Learn to read the maps to avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Training your dog for the outdoor: While you are in the wild, you cannot afford to walk your pet on the leash. Train your pet to walk without the leash. This may take some time but is worth the trouble.

Put your things together: It takes time to put all your gears together for the outdoor adventure. Make a checklist and ensure you have everything with you. Sometimes even trivial things can be a potential life changer in the outdoors.

Lost and found: It is easier to lose things in the wild. Keep your things carefully and constantly keep check listing your things while on travel.

Tasty food on campfire: Learn how to make some good food while on camp. The food should be basic and easy to cook without losing its flavor.

Campfire stories are a hit: There are many true short stories that can be a hit among campers. Do not forget to enthrall your audience.

Get a Swiss knife: It is a fundamental tool while in the wilderness. It can help you start a fire, build shelter, protect you from danger, cook and help you survive.

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