Increasing popularity of mobile video games

Why are smartphone games gaining popularity?

Games-physical or virtual; have always been a man’s reason for enjoyment. In the present scenario, where every man has a grab of technology, virtual gaming is becoming the inevitable routine of every individual. While many may debate on the efficacy of games on a PC or a play station, a quick look around might tell you how smartphone games are keeping people hooked. What makes a smartphone game more popular amongst the young and the old alike? Is it the game or the device that is making one addicted? Here is a look at how smartphones and games make one an ardent gamer.

Top reasons why video games on mobiles getting popular 

While many may rate the handling ease of the mobiles as the foremost reason for the video games’ popularity, several other reasons make mobile games one of the most addictive gaming platforms. Portability is and will always be the primary reasons for the evolution of umpteen games sprucing up on the AppStore or google play. Video games on smartphones are easily downloadable, and most of them are simple and addictive. Easy pick up and play design make it even more attractive. Thousands of games are free to download and allows gamers to have an easy choice, unlike the high-end devices. Here is a list of mobile games that are growing popular day by day.

Top trending games of 2021 

Call of duty

US based game makers Activision in collaboration with the Chinese firm Tencent, have developed this fabulous fight game that can hook players for hours together. According to an analytics firm Sensor Tower, it was revealed that this game had crossed over 100 million downloads within a month of its launch. The game played in singles, duos or teams of four can include about 100 user fighters, who fight it out in a map designed for the game. Attributes like land, sea and water and vehicles such as helicopter, rafts and ATV are also included in the game design. The users are required to find out weapons or gears as they advance each level of this exciting video game.


China-based Tencent’s, PUBG has broken all the records for being the highly liked and the most significant revenue grossing games in the smartphone video game history. Reports from the top analyst’s Sensor tower have estimated the income earned by this game to be about $496million, since its launch. The lighter version of PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile lite was launched to a receptive audience. The game involves a shortened map version that includes at most 60 players. This video game is a much faster version of the original game.

Clash of Clan

Developed and published by the Finnish game makers Supercell is a free to download game, available in both iOS and play stores. However, the game is loaded with several in house purchases and updates. This game had surpassed $2.5 billion marks within three years of its launch.

Mine craft

One of the most impressive and influential games of video games history, Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time. This sandbox video game developed by Swedish developer Markus Persson is available on almost all primary operating system

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