Impact of digital billboards on the entertainment industry

Digital billboard and Entertainment 

Digital billboards are becoming an indispensable element of the entertainment industry with every entertainment centre adorning its premises with signage that displays useful information. Signages are not only the typical advertisement platforms but are also the perfect platform to notify the directions and an ideal medium to generate much customer interest. US’s renowned resort city, Las Vegas is the perfect example of how digital billboards make the entertainment sector vibrant and colourful with eye-catching displays. Digital billboard advertising Las Vegas is what makes the city’s nightlife joyous and entertaining attracting thousands of tourists almost every day.

Apart from the aesthetics, digital signage also serves multiple advertising needs that not only keep the audiences entertained but also creates a perfect ambience that enhances the customer experience. Find out why digital signage is the ideal addition to the marketers advertising needs and how does this benefit the entertainment industry.

Benefits of using digital signages in the entertainment industry 

Digital signage positioned at the prime spots around a convention centre, malls or cinema halls are the ideal platform for ad campaigns. Find out four benefits that make digital signage the perfect revenue generator for an advertiser.

Displaying schedules 

Malls, theatres and convention centres are areas that host multiple events at the same time, making it strenuous for the audiences to find their ways. Timely display of schedules, along with the directions for the various events on the signage boards, can assist the visitors to their right destination. The flexibility of programming contents on each panel is a feature that makes digital signage a unique advertising platform.

A Night Time View Of LED Sign Boards Of Entertainment Industry On Times Square New York.

Revenue generation

Multiplexes or convention centres are also the places that invite a specific group of customers. Advertisers can target these audiences by displaying programmed contents on the signage at scheduled timings. Local businesses like restaurants, shops, bars, or cinema halls can make use of these signage boards to entice the visitors.


Crowded places like convention halls and multiplexes are always prone to emergencies. The digital signage is the perfect platform to notify visitors about a crisis. The software enables the contents to be overridden and keeps the attendees alerted.

Live streaming

Live streaming is a fantastic option for the visitors who are not privileged to capture the front rows of a grand event. The visitors find live streaming as the most convenient method to attend the event rather than forcing themselves into the crowd.

Entertainment sectors where digital signage plays a vital role 

Exhibition centres or convention halls

Grand expos or exhibitions entice a significant number of audiences every year. Keeping the audiences well informed and equipped with schedules on signage is the paramount assistance the organizers can offer their visitors. The digital billboards at these centres are utilized to display adverts that help the audiences to find the restaurants nearby or make them aware of the upcoming events to be held.Here – Check Out the top five uses of digital signage in convention halls.

An Attracrtive Digital Billboards For Broadcasting Live Games And For Brand Messages .

Sports arena

Sports arenas are the places where one would find digital billboards without fail. Broadcasting live games or replays makes digital signage in sport concourses an inevitable element. Whether you are snacking at your favourite food stalls or retail outlet, make sure that you position yourself to the nearest billboards. Advertising in between matches or intervals makes sure that brand messages are perfectly conveyed to the audience. 

Pubs and Bars

Whether it is soccer season or an ongoing grand slam tournament, the impact of large video walls or digital billboards at the sports bar is an entertainment adored by thousands of sports fans.  The excitement and engagement created by this massive display of sporting activities is unexplainable. Advertisers can leverage enthusiasm by promoting brands in between the live coverage. Digital billboards are also increasingly utilized for interactive gaming at pubs and sports bars.

Multiplexes or cinema halls

Multiplexes or cinema halls are probably the places that utilize the digital signage enormously. From guiding directions, to film schedules, digital billboards have become an inevitable part of the entertainment industry. You may find digital menu boards displaying all the available offers at the cafes and also at the ticket counters where the promotional offers are displayed. The trailers of upcoming movies at every nook of the cinema halls keep the visitors informed about the upcoming shows. For those who are new to the seating arrangements can utilize the digital displays to make themselves aware. Digital signage is the perfect platform to promote local businesses and most importantly, to avoid the excessive usage of paper-based ads.

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