Transform Your Bar Into Chic And Sleek With Interior Design

Not only office spaces and homes but also entertainment places like bars and pubs also require an interior design that pleases the customers. Sports are places where customers get the feel of being very close attending the event live. This involves loud cheering, fans from different teams socializing with each other and enjoying the game. Hence, it is important that a sports bar has a design set up that encourages these activities. You have a wide variety of interior designers in Qatar who provide you with the right design ideas to help you transform your bar. You can get lots of ideas from

Designing a sports bar that allows the customer to enjoy the game at best is crucial to attracting more customers. This is the first and foremost thing that has to be kept in mind during the design stages.

Initial Planning

One of the best methods to get started is to visit local bars within the city or country to get an idea of how they are designed and make notes of some of the designs that stand out. By visiting these places, not only will you get an idea, it might inspire you to create a setup that is very different from all these places. Next step is to choose a name for your bar. Ensure that when you choose a name, it relates to people on different levels such as the local culture, what your bar signifies or it could be some sports team’s name as it’s a sports bar. Another interesting way to name your bar would be to consider the name of a favourite player and combine it with some local favourite place’s name.

Setting The Theme

After deciding on the name, choosing the designs to suit a particular theme has to be chosen. The theme could be in terms of colour, décor and other kind of memorabilia you would like to keep inside so as to get the ambiance right. For example, if you are designing the bar based on football, things that could be considered for décor are some jerseys of popular clubs or players, posters, season’s football schedule etc. One can also keep various memorabilia of different teams to increase curiosity. It would also be a good idea to paint the walls according to the colour of the team or sport. Even the equipment such as football, basketball and baseball bats can be hung on the wall to give it a realistic finish. Items such as the team’s flags and some famous player’s posters can also he hung around.

Some of the other aspects that need to be taken into account are where the supplies would be kept, where the fridge would be located, what other areas require legal permission, where should the restrooms be situated etc. These are definitely some of the most sought after facilities for a customer. Finding out the necessary utilities that you would need for all the spaces in your bar also plays an important role.

barFocus On The Devices

One of the important aspects of a sports bar is the TVs in which the games are telecasted. The basic requirement to run a sports bar is to have large television screens. It should be placed in such a way that it does not block the view from anywhere within the bar. Sometimes, one can also place multiple TV’s so that no one misses out on the game. Apart from the television systems, a music system with a good quality setup is required. All this equipment must be the best in quality and should perform its functions as specified. If these are not up to the mark, people will start watching the match from the comfort of their homes and this doesn’t serve the purpose.

Choosing the Menu
Having great facilities is just not enough to tick all the boxes for a sports bar. Something that is equally important is the food. Focus on local specific foods and make sure that there are some combos. The men can also have sporty names to attract attention. Like any restaurant, food items must use top quality ingredients and a chef must be in-house to prepare all the delicacies. Even if there are not many items, it is enough to have a few items that are great in terms of quality and quantity. One can also have a colourful menu with food in the colour of the teams that are playing on a particular day.

Other Entertainment Options

Apart from offering a viewing screen and great food, a sports bar should also have other entertainment options such as chess, a pool table, foosball, bowling etc. Gaming equipment such as Wii and Xbox can also be kept in the bar to ensure that the customers are entertained. Providing so many options attracts repeat customers and they come often as they are having a good time. This also makes the customers who come in also stay for a longer period of time. Usually, customers come with their friends or partners. If they love the place, they are definitely going to tell all of their friends about it. So your bar becomes popular among many people. Nothing works like word of mouth from a happy customer to advertise your bar.

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