How Video Streaming Will Change The Entertainment Industry?

Growth And Development Video Streaming

Technology is making its mark in all realms of life. Ecommerce, education and entertainment have seen exponential use of technology and have grown in its own sense. Video streaming is now one of the topmost trending technologies that are widely used in the 21st century. Video streaming technology is expected to increase Internet traffic by 80% within the next two years. Easy accessibility to video content has made most of the video streaming platforms a preferred space for education and entertainment.

The development of video streaming is mostly due to the high number of mobile users and mobile Internet. The penetration of the Internet into every household in cities and towns has ensured a great number of people enjoy quality video content through different platforms. The development and merging of different technologies have made it possible to help video streaming technology to grow and reach every living room.

New Trends Related To Video Streaming

Video streaming has inspired many new trends in recent years and most of them are going to stick on for a while. The development of OTT media services is one of them. Over-the-top media service is a video streaming service that offers viewers direct video content through the internet. It bypasses satellite television cable operators and broadcasters to provide quality video content to many. Some of the well known OTT service providers are Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney Plus and HBO. It works on a subscription model. The recent statistics show that there are 180 million OTT subscribers in the United States alone.

Satellite channels, broadcasters and movie makers have associated with these OTT providers to make the most of the technology. Live streaming is another trend inspired by technology driven by video streaming. It is basically a non-interactive communication. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are setting new trends to introduce two-way interaction in live streaming on social media. Messaging apps can be used by viewers to communicate with the live streaming event. Mobile channels are increasingly becoming the preferred medium to watch video content. Cable TV subscription is dwindling as there are more convenient and easier options. Mobile networks offer LTE and broadband services offering customers with attractive plans they can opt based on the data usage.

Video Streaming And Social Media Marketing

The corporate world is more into finding new ways of using video streaming to develop business opportunities and product portfolios. Live streaming is now becoming a great platform for marketing. It is mainly because such video content and live stream reach people who are genuinely interested in the content. It is one sure way of reaching the right audience and more importantly the right amount of target audience. Ecommerce companies make use of live streams to market new products. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are the topmost platforms for social media and video marketing. Several social media management software is developed to help leverage social media for marketing.

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