Getting Ready Like A Celebrity For The Big Red Carpet Event

There is no need to be a celebrity to take on the paparazzi. Some simple and time-tested beauty tips from the experts can get you red carpet ready within minutes. This could be your ticket to being famous. So, do not let go of an opportunity to make it to the red carpet. The entertainment industry is all about looking chic and ready for the shutterbugs. Some innovative styles can make you look stunning without having to break the bank. Before you start getting ready for the big event, consider going to a body spa in Chennai. See the big difference as it gives you an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate with a soothing spa therapy. The latest on the fashion and beauty are available at

Cocktail dress
Everything is right about a cute black cocktail dress. The dress is available at an affordable price, and you can always afford to spend on a new cocktail dress every time you want to wear one with the Facebook tags keeping track of your outfit. The clothes you wear have to be transformational. Invest in the basics like an old navy jersey and cover it with a cashmere cardigan or a blazer giving a new look every time you sport one. Never invest in outfits that you may wear only once.

Proper undergarments
Give a thought about what you wear underneath. Forget about frilly panties and get professional with comfortable undergarments. Especially while attending glam events you do not want to be caught on the camera with uncomfortable and ill-fitting undergarments. It could ruin your dress, so give it a serious thought.

Anything can happen, be prepared
The red carpet could be an accident spot for many, so be prepared for the worse. With so much of activity happening around you, it is but natural to be cautious. Bring double stick tapes, band aid, needle and thread to save the embarrassment. Even celebrities and the famous had experienced awkward moments on the stage when their outfit gave away, so rehearse with your dress for an eventless event.

Just a clutch
Carrying a daytime handbag for an event could be the most damaging to your outfit. Everyone knows that women need to keep backup makeup kit, slip-ons, camera and more. But then you have no place to carry all this. You have to do it with a stylish clutch. Ensure it is small and matches your outfit. That is all is allowed.

Light makeupLight make up
If you have done a spa treatment prior to the event, you are sure to need light makeup, as your skin will be naturally glowing. There is no need for gaudy makeup with fake eyelashes, long nails and blood red lipstick. Just keep the makeup minimal. All you need is a lip gloss and mascara to stand out in the crowd. Intensify your eyes to stand out in the photo.

What is a party without heels?
Do not forget to team up your dress with killer heels. The pointed it is, the better as it can help you showcase over others by creating a right platform.

Create the right style statement and be appreciated with the right kind of outfit and accessories. Ensure you stay in trend.

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