Hidden Staircases of Los Angeles

Before Angelenos vowed their unending love to cars, the towns of LA were connected by buses, trolleys and staircases. Then, imagine for a while, how did people of Los Angeles get down from their homes in the mountains to schools, and local markets? Perhaps, by means of stairs. There are about 450 hidden stairways in Los Angeles. Mostly it was built around 1920’s through neighbourhoods of a steep hillside. Climbing this historic staircase is well-worth for people with a cardiac problem. Given below are the popular hidden stairs present in LA.

Beachwood Canyon Stairs:

It takes an hour to hike on this fascinating path thru Hollywood history. These steps are considered as the most appealing one in the city. The notable houses of Hollywood silver screen stars like Humphrey Bogart, Busby Berkeley and Bela Lugosi will take visitors to the past.  The fabulous view of downtown is a great reward for the efforts taken by travellers. The final descent of the path delights with unexpected topiary bunnies and artwork.

The Music Box Steps:

Hidden Staircases

This staircase is situated at the Silver Lake Area; it was named after the film Laurel and Hardy, which has won an Academy Award for 1932. In this movie, Laurel and Hardy will push a piano upward on the staircases between Vendome Street and Descanso drive.  Visitors can walk through walk-streets of outdated bungalows comprised by fruit roses and trees. They can commence the journey near the Café Topical at Sunset and Parkman.

Pacific Palisades- Castellanmare:

This is the exact staircase of ocean lovers as the visitors can have scenic experience with breath-taking sights of the picturesque meanderings and Pacific through Self-Realization Fellowship and Getty Villa.

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