Athletes, sports champions and those who take up intensive exercises to stay fit do so by training their muscles to its maximum capability through planned and rigorous exercise. The best sportsmen in the field will bear witness to the benefits of massage therapy on a regular basis. Massage therapies and therapists weigh a little heavily on the budget, but sure are an investment to make for the benefits it offers. Rigorous training, however well planned will stress out and strain the muscles. An effective massage therapy will ensure to keep the muscles healthy and in good shape.

Those involved in thorough physical training in cities like Chennai can find access to the best body massage in Chennai to keep the body fit. Owing to the humidity in Chennai, and the additional sweat that is caused by exercise, it is possible that the scalp and hair become unhealthy and affected by damage. Although there are several effective tips to do away with dandruff the most common source of damage, most effects are short lived. A good hair spa in Chennai will help maintain the hair luxuriant and replenished.

Body massage for sports persons is quite different from the regular spa treatment that is more for luxury purposes. Body massage focuses on keeping the muscles healthy by employing various tactics involving the muscular system, cardiac system and nervous system. Since it is a sensitive process, one must make sure to find a licensed massage therapist (LMT) to avoid any damage to tissue resulting due to improper massage. While spa aims at relaxation, body massage aims at maintenance of muscles and can leave a person feeling as exhausted as after a good exercise.

Body massage from a licensed massage therapist will involve three categories of massage, which are effleurage, petrissage and frictions. The procedures involved are as technical as the names sound. The therapist begins with effleurage in which the therapists use the palm of their hands completely, moulding according to the contours of the client’s body structure and works their way to relax and familiarize with the structure. Effleurage aims at getting the client accustomed to the touch and to relax them accordingly. The palm massages by applying slight pressure and tries to identify any underlying damage or maladies in the tissues. It is essential to identify any sensitive spots in order to avoid further inflammation and to administer effective therapy. Effleurage puts the body at ease by increasing blood flow and stimulates the peripheral nerves.

Petrissage follows effleurage. It is a kneading process and unlike effleurage directly affects the underlying tissues and muscle fibres. It is a powerful technique which mobilises fluids in underlying tissues and applies pressure on them.

Frictions go deeper than petrissage. It involves resting the palm and applying pressure by fingers on the area. The thumb grasps the skin of the particular area and looks for trigger points, which may often be painful. Friction is used to break down scar tissues and lesions, and also for separating of muscle fibres. This probably gives you a clear picture as to why one must approach a licensed massage therapist for the same. Done the wrong way, this can cause more damage than any good. For this very reason, friction is applied only for a short duration of time, if extended it may result in inflammation.

Benefits of body massage:

massage-pageSportsmen by rigorous training push their muscles to develop their skills and achieve stamina, strength and speed. An effective body massage will relax muscle tension and restore muscular and skeletal balance. The body is subject to controlled overuse possibly leaves the body more prone to wear and tear. Massage therapy will help keep the muscles supple and prevent possible wear and tear during or after the event.

A regular body massage scheduled alongside the training schedule will go a long way in achieving perfect fitness.
Body massage increases blood flow
Improves the cardiovascular system
Helps detox
Keeps the musculoskeletal system firm
Involves the nervous system and improves overall health
Psychological benefits of calmness and relaxation

Scheduling a body massage:

The best LMTs suggest a weekly body massage, but if you cannot afford the time and budget for that, a biweekly body massage is good too. A sports body massage leaves the body feeling as spent as after an actual event, so it would be ideal to schedule one before or after the main sports event. It must be 4-5 days prior or after the event.

A body massage takes care of all the muscles, now what about the hair. Hair is easily affected by stress, pollution and climate. To keep the hair healthy, it needs regular care. The most common causes of hair damage are dandruff and pollution. Dandruff occurs due to humidity and increases by sweat on the scalp. Sports results in profuse sweating and can leave the scalp oily and thriving with dandruff. The best treatments suggest regular cleansing.
Oil hair before washing
Cleanse regularly with an acid adjusted shampoo, without sulphates compounds.
After cleansing with shampoo and rinsing it off well with water, apply moisturizer to keep it moisturized and glowing.

Very often even the most regular of these regimens cannot help get rid of dandruff and damage. An appointment at the hair spa should help get the hair treated efficiently and rid of dandruff. But it is also very essential to make regular appointments to maintain the health of hair and scalp.

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