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The greatest Disc jockeys seem like modern day organizers of a vast party, stimulated with orchestrating and the increased energy of troop with signature methods that excerpt the nuanced appearances of musical beat, tempo and dynamics. They are very brave to attempt creative, smart and innovative risks that end in big payoffs. Qualities like lighting the night with desire-fuelled performances, predictively reading crowds without evading, technical skills and humble personalities have made these DJ’s be on the track of music for a long. Here, we have listed out some of the great DJ’s in Los Angeles. So, are you interested to dance, and then let these talents direct the way.

Beat Junkies:

It is a DJ team with eight famous musicians from LA. Beat Junkies has introduced complex DJ techniques and skills, later which was recognized as the “Beat Junkie Style.” It was founded in 1992, and highly recognized by the people for their innovations and efforts. This team has won the title of World Championship DJ. They are continuing their work to entertain, influence and shape the Disc Jockey’s community.


Music has vibrated through NY (New York) born Brian Beefowl. His journey into the industry began when he worked as a drummer for rock and roll bands. He toured with the team at his age of 20, even before obtaining a graduation in the arts and music. BeeFowl is capable of transiting musical band genres like 80’s and 90’s style of music, rock and roll, and hip-hop convinces. Later, he inaugurated Disc Jockey’s like Nervo, Martin Solveig, and Max Vangeli.

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